Massage Therapy

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to any spa treatment so that our professional staff is able to provide you the full service time. A massage form must be filled out prior to your first massage at Bliss, so arriving early is crucial. ​​​​

Swedish Massage

This relaxing massage is ideal for those in dire need of stress relief. Our trained therapists use long, kneading strokes to stretch and loosen the muscles, utilizing excellent massage creams and oils in the process. Perfect for first time spa goers.

60 minutes

$ 60

90 minutes

$ 90

120 minutes

$ 120

Deep Tissue Massage

The answer to sore, tight muscles and back pain, this intense, stimulating massage will provide relief and flexibility. Ideal for regular spa goers and athletes.

60 Minutes

$ 75

90 Minutes

$ 110

Lymphatic Massage

A Specially trained therapist will focus specifically on lymphatic drainage, aiding the body in clearing itself of toxins. A clear lymphatic system aids in eliminating toxins, boosting metabolism and clearing skin, all the while providing the relaxation you deserve

60 Minutes

$ 65

90 Minutes

$ 95

Hot Stone Massage

Your body is a temple, so why not treat it like one? The calming massage technique involving the use of hot stones heated to the perfect temperature allows your body to dissolve into relaxation, all while promoting circulation and healing.​​

60 Minutes

$ 110

Pregnancy Massage

Mothers-to-be will dive into serenity with a massage designed specifically for their comfort and needs. Geared toward providing relief during their special time, our special technique will relax and benefit expecting mothers throughout their pregnancy.

75 Minutes

$ 70

Trigger Point Massage

Our skilled therapists will provide complete comfort and relaxation while focusing on trigger points to relieve tension and stress. ​

60 Minutes

$ 75